My Story

My family grapples with preventable lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Witnessing my elders endure the challenges of these conditions in their later years deeply saddened me. I was determined not to follow the same path and experience a life marred by disease.

As of January 2021, I found myself at 250 pounds, grappling with fatigue, anxiety, frustration, severe allergies, chronic pain, brain fog, and inflammation.

Compounding the issue, my immediate family also struggled with morbid obesity.

Despite numerous attempts to adopt a healthier lifestyle, we often faced setbacks and failed within a few weeks.


Recognizing the need for support, we discovered the GetFit21 program and, following a consultation with a certified coach, decided to embark on this transformative journey.

What drew me to GetFit21 was its affordability, the inclusion of a dedicated health coach, educational guides, workout ideas, videos, and a concise 3-week duration.

Our coach played a crucial role in helping us outline a personalized plan, focusing on building healthy habits such as maintaining balanced meals and incorporating regular workouts.

The group dynamic proved invaluable, offering a supportive environment that provided the encouragement, accountability, and inspiration we needed. Participating in support meetings allowed us to forge connections within the community, sharing both victories and questions. In the initial session, I shed a few pounds, but more importantly, I felt a renewed sense of vitality and focus, a sensation I hadn't experienced in a long time.

While GetFit21 is a short-term program, its effectiveness prompted us to return month after month, drawn to the sense of community and camaraderie. Even during brief breaks, we found ourselves missing the group's support. The positive impact of the program led Health Practice Advisors to invite me to become a certified coach for GetFit21—an offer I gladly accepted after witnessing the life-changing results firsthand.

Feel Great

During our breaks from GetFit21 sessions, we incorporated the Feel Great program into our maintenance plan.

This straightforward system involves consuming Unimate in the morning and a Balance supplement 15 minutes before each of our remaining two meals.

This approach aligns with intermittent fasting principles.

The Unimate proved instrumental in enhancing our energy levels, mood, and focus, providing a much-needed boost.

Meanwhile, the Balance supplement played a crucial role in supporting fiber intake and helping regulate blood glucose levels.

The simplicity and effectiveness of the Feel Great system seamlessly complemented our wellness routine during breaks from more intensive sessions.



At the suggestion of my health coach, I decided to undertake the Cleanse Program to break through a plateau I had reached after a year of consistent weight loss.

Throughout the 15-day cleanse group, I delved into valuable insights about gut health. Not only did I shed a few pounds, but I also noticed a positive change in my lower abdominal area—it seemed to lift up.

The cleanse played a pivotal role in rekindling my commitment to personal well-being. I was astonished to discover the extent of our exposure to parasites in daily life, and how these parasites can deplete us of essential nutrients.

The impact was tangible; my skin showed improvement, and most notably, my allergies began to subside. This transformation held significant weight for me, considering I had previously relied on medications and allergy shots.

Positive Intelligence

A colleague extended an invitation to join the Positive Intelligence Course, piquing my curiosity about identifying my top "saboteurs."

Upon taking the Saboteur Assessment, I resonated strongly with the results, recognizing aspects of myself in it.

Engaging with the program alongside my colleagues, I witnessed tangible improvements in managing my anxiety and negativity, leading to more frequent experiences of joy and calmness.

Upon completing the course, I made the deliberate choice to become a Positive Intelligence coach.

Integrating its principles into my daily life has been transformative, and I cannot adequately express how much better I feel since adopting its practices. The impact extends beyond my personal experience; my clients have shared positive feedback such as "I find myself smiling more," "I feel in control of myself," and "I can now navigate public spaces without anxiety."

My Wish

Thank you for taking the time to explore my journey.

I've successfully shed over 100 pounds through natural means, leaving behind fears of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, anxiety, and depression.

My desire is to serve as an inspiration for you to embark on a journey of self-care.

I aspire to offer education, support, and provide the tools necessary for my clients to lead healthier and happier lives. Initiating this transformation can begin with a free consultation, potentially marking the beginning of the best chapter in your own story.

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